Meanwhile, on the Bench: Elysian Commission part 2

In what is increasingly sounding like another unwanted Jason Bourne sequel, the Elysian commission is taking shape. Two ten-man squads have been assembled and painted, with only another two ten-man squads left.

Tiny fiddly resin friends

This batch has been a weird milestone for me. Not only because this is the first time I’ve painted Elysians in almost ten years, nor about how much of a pain these kits are to assemble (you darn kids and your Easy Fit models! *shakes walking stick*), it was absorbing the news that Forgeworld is discontinuing the range. A strange feeling of simultaneously opening and closing a door on a past life playing 500 point battles of Warhammer 40k with my schoolyard chums in the shed at the bottom of my garden.

Regarding Forgeworld’s business practises though, who knows! Internet rumours are whirling (naturally), people seem to be split between “They don’t make enough money so are being canned” to “GW are doing plastic Elysians! Tell your friends!”.

All I know is these tiny resin bloodsuckers (RIP my fingertips) suddenly became way more valuable overnight. Damn my eagerness to sell a few months ago!

Nothing much else to add about Batch 2 other than roll on with the album. Batch 3 will have photos of the whole commission, but for now enjoy these guys.

Squad 1

Squad 2

Squad 1 and 2

Meanwhile, on the Bench: Elysian Commission part 1

Finished articles first!
More finished articles!
Your mission, should you choose to accept it

A while ago I made the hard call to put my Elysian Drop Trooper collection up on ebay. The last time they had rolled dice in anger would probably have been ten years ago, and since then had only been used as occasional proxy models and gathered dust. The money raised from them went to an outstanding cause, however.

Many of them were unfinished, and although I had considered finishing some of the half-painted squads, I decided to put them up as-is. I tried to group squads as best as I could remember so that there wasn’t too much of a mix, but there was the inevitable Veteran squad which had some pretty extensive conversions and couldn’t really be mixed in to the other squads.

How they appeared on eBay

The whole lot went for way more than I had anticipated, and the buyer of the veterans contacted me before hand and asked if I would be interested in finishing them as a commission. I had been avoiding commissions recently for a number of reasons, but as these guys were close to my heart I couldn’t really refuse.

On top of that was another two five-man squads, unpainted. They would be part of the commission as well.

When the buyer (now the Client) then asked if I would be up for doing another thirty or so troopers, well…

It’s been a while since I’ve opened a box from Forgeworld
Gee whizz that’s a lot of resin
Finishing what I’d started

First thing’s first, while we hashed out the details of unit composition, special weapons and the like, I set about finishing off the previous squads – a five-man squad with lasguns, a five-man squad with close combat weapons and the remainder of the veteran squad.

They needed grav-chutes, easy enough for the lasgun guys

A specific request was for all troopers to have grav-chutes, which meant retro-fitting the existing models as best as I could.

Most of them went on fine. There were a few issues with the veterans and their more, uh, elaborate decorations. Some had their grav-chutes left on their base, as if they’d just landed and ejected them.

Tricky little sods ain’t ya
A question of bases

When they were all assembled and undercoated, it was time to hit the paints. Then I realised that every technique I had used when I first painted these guys 10/15 years ago had been rendered obsolete by new washes and colours. I had to re-learn how to paint Elysians, using the three painted veterans I had for guidance.

Let’s just say, thank the God-Emperor (again) for the invention of washes.

Colours on! Just need the bases sorting
Looking spangly

With both the 5-man squad and Veterans pretty much finished, there was just the decision of the base to make. There were two options – keep the Cityfight grey or try a sandy desert yellow.

As much as the yellow works better against the blue and grey colour scheme, it’s a bit out of place for their camo scheme to be running around in the desert. One of the pitfalls of painting army guys – you can’t aesthetically pair your uniform with your surroundings, you have to blend in!

No more excuses

With the decision made on bases, it was time to pull my finger out and finish these squads off. I had also been given direction for the assembly of the other squads, so it’s full steam ahead on the Elysian commission!

Mega Box o’ Bits ebay lot

It’s time to sell off one of my mega box of bits on ebay! (link)

I simply don’t have the space or inclination to hoard any more bits than I have at the moment would much rather they went to someone who can make use of them rather than a dumpster.

The whole haul.
All this stuff has been accrued over 25+ years of hobbying, some parts are well loved, and some parts are still new on the sprue. I like to think I have a decent eye when it comes to identifying models, but even some of these bits baffle me. If you need clarify on anything in this big ol’ box of stuff then just give me a shout!

This list is FAR from exhaustive, but from what I can make out from rooting through the box, we have components from:
  • Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum
  • Warhammer 40,000 Space Orks
  • Orcs and Goblins
  • Heroquest
  • Space marines
  • Chaos space marines
  • Eldar
  • Dark Eldar
  • Tyranids
  • Undead/Vampire Counts
  • Some Forgeworld bits and pieces
  • Dwarfs/Dwarves
  • Lord of the Rings Goblins of Moria and High Elves/Elfs
  • Scenery/scatter terrain
  • Various 1:72 historical and WWII/WW2 figures
  • Lizardmen
  • Some scale parts for a WW2 tank and plane
  • Mantic Avatars of War elf archers on sprues

The Mega Box of Bits ebay lot is available here, and it ends Sunday night (tonight) at 8pm .